Coconut Weaving Kit

Coconut Weaving Kit

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Our Coconut Weaving Kits come with the basics to create your very own Pāpale (coconut hat) or bowl. These leaves are freshly stripped, shaved, cleaned and rolled for extra flexibility and durability.

The regular leaf will most likely have weathered tips, discolorations and imperfections (grade B $12) but they are the classic weaving leaves that get trimmed off the coco trees and do the job just fine and the brown tips get cut off at the end of the weaving. Personally I like the discolored leaves as they tend to weave into checkered patterns and create more contrast.

Regular Leaves can have less imperfections (grade A) when they come from trees that have been protected from the elements. These leaves will have nicer tips and have an even green color.

The center or heart leaves (grade A+) are intact and can only be found from coco trees that get cut down, therefore they are rare and considered a weaver’s Gold! Some center leaves will have a lighter coloration even ranging towards a whitish green. 

Whichever Grade you choose, just know that All hats will turn the same whitish tan color as they dry, so All in All, they will end up the same:) 

Please note that the Kits are sold separate from the Weaving Courses, meaning that when you purchase a kit, and you decide to follow our videos, they will have an additional cost. You can find more information and check out our curriculum for each class through our Coconut Weaving Online Course section on the website.

Mahalo ❤️