Our Story

Aloha and Welcome,

My name is Leilani, I was born in Uturoa Ra’iatea, raised in Matira Bora Bora, studied at UH Mānoa Oahu, and now reside in Ha’iku Maui. All these places hold a significance as to how and why HakuLeilani was founded. I had the greatest opportunity in my whole twenties to work for the Survivor Reality TV show, got to travel all around the world with an amazing International Film Crew, working in the Art Department and learning the most valuable skills from faux painting, using power tools, carving, sewing, and so much more, all whilst being emerged with locals in the most remote places on Earth. I met my husband, who is from O’ahu while filming in Gabon Africa, of all places. And before we were locked in, like 2 peas in a pod, he made sure I knew, that back in Maui Hawai’i, lived his beloved grandparents, Tūtū and Pa. He told me that when the time came, he had promised them that he would move there and take care of them so they wouldn’t end up in an elderly home. I thought that was the most genuine romantic thing I had ever heard, haha, so I said Yes! And of course, one day, that time came and we dropped everything, moved to Maui to become full time caregivers in their home. This was not an easy task as they were already in their late 90s, their 4 acre property was completely overtaken by the Ha’iku rain forest, and I knew absolutely no one there, but it was the most amazing decision and experience for our entire family. We had 2 beautiful daughters and we all lived in one big happy household. We slowly managed to tame the jungle, reastblish the farm and discovered crops such as 40 year old gardenia bushes and TīLeaf plantations. I started selling the flowers at the local Upcountry Farmer's Market because Tūtū’s Gardenias were the most stunning varieties I had ever seen so we decided to propagate the mother plants and created a Gardenia Flower Farm. At the Market, I would pass the time by making Hakus and weaving Coconut hats for fun (skills I had learned during my childhood back in French Polynesia). Interests grew rapidly into Workshops. And since I would always wear my Tahitian Mu'u Mu'u Dresses at the market and at my workshops, people would compliment endlessly, so I launched the modern Aloha Wear Clothing Brand and that is how All of HakuLeilani was born. We continue to evolve and grow with the flow of Life. And feel immense gratitude and Love for All the support we’ve had in this journey. Mahalo Nui Loa.