Ti Leaf Stalk (5- pack plant)

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5 Ti Leaf Stalks will be shipping bare, without leaves, it must be places in water to root (1-2weeks), then when roots and leaves start to form, it must be planted in soil. It is a very resilient and beautiful plant. There’s a Polynesian saying that states that “Ti Leaf plants must be planted on the perimeter of your property to protect your land and your family from negative energy and spirits”. You will also often see the leaves tied to the back of cars or leis hanging inside the mirrors of cars, to protect its passengers.

Ti Leaves are used traditionally for many things such as Lei making, Cooking, Hula, Ceremonial Practices and more... They are meant to have a clearing, positive, protective energy. 
We have a 1 acre, 40 year old Tī Leaf Plantation and are so proud to be able to provide these amazing and significant leaves to you.